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Communication and collaboration features designed specifically to maximise business results in one streamlined unified solution.

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It couldn’t be simpler with world leading VoIP cloud communication technology.

Cisco VoIP technology

Every essential VoIP and collaboration features to power your business in one industry-recognised platform. We deliver VoIP solution built on Cisco Broadsoft technology, the world leader in communication technology.


360 Communication


Queue incoming calls in an ordered list while you’re busy on another call until you or one of your team members is free. Pass calls to the next available team member in a first-in-first-out order.


Distribute calls from a single phone number to a group of numbers (hunt group) in your company. Enable prospects to call one company number and have the call routed to a group of internal phones to be answered by anyone within the hunt group.


Identify who’s calling your business number before you pick up with caller ID. View incoming caller information and route calls to the right person or reject any VoIP calls with unidentified caller ID.


Transfer inbound calls quickly to another phone, choose between a warm transfer to let the receiving person know before transferring the call, or a blind transfer with no announcement. Blind transfers are perfect when you want your calls to be routed to another phone when you’re away.


Get calls forwarded to another destination with flexible call forwarding. Divert calls when you’re busy, unreachable, or direct calls to another number or your mobile phone, so you can receive calls no matter where you are.


Put a call on hold (parked) and let the right colleague pick it up on a different phone. Enable anyone with access to the parked call to pick up and answer the parked call.


Initiate an instant conference call from your VoIP phone by quickly adding a third person into the current conversation whether the person is on another extension in the office or outside the office.


Stop any calls temporarily from ringing so you can focus on getting work done. With do-not-disturb VoIP feature, you can still make calls, but any incoming calls go straight to voicemail and recorded under your recent call list.


Be more responsive to your clients with voicemail delivered to your VoIP user-portal or direct to your email as audio files so you can listen back. Respond promptly to important calls by setting up notifications on your VoIP voicemail inbox and getting alerted to a new voicemail.


Record individual calls to and from your VoIP desk phone, VoIP app on your desktop or mobile phone. Whether you always want to record calls or just on on-demand, you can record, review, download, or delete any recorded calls.


Auto-attendant offers a professional and streamlined process of getting incoming calls directed to the right person. Greet callers with an automated voice menu system that allows calls directed to the correct extension.


Quickly add on-hold music and offer a better waiting experience for your customers. Assign and configure the music your callers hear when they on hold or when calls are parked.


Share your company phone number across multiple devices in your business, pick up incoming calls on any phone without needing to put people on hold. VoIP shared line appearance is perfect for restaurants and small stores, letting you answer customer calls from any phone.


Configure and manage calls, routing rules, voicemail settings and more with a web-based dashboard. Every user with an extension has an account from where they can set up their telephony settings and playback any recorded voicemail.

VoIP Smartphone App

Transform your smartphone and desktop computer into a powerful unified communication system. Make calls, send messages, hold conferences, online meetings and more with a feature-rich VoIP app for your computer and smartphone.


Always on Collaboration

The Cisco Broadsoft UC-One communicator app provides unparalleled audio and video communications, transforming your desktops and mobile phone into streamlined unified communication devices wherever you are.


With the CISCO unified communicator app, every team member gets their own private, secure online meeting space. Integrate HD audio, video, messaging, and screen sharing directly from your desktop or mobile app. Colleagues and guests can easily join without the hassles of dial-in numbers and passcodes.


Bring people together with integrated high-definition video meetings. Turn a VoIP voice call into a video conference for a complete unified communication experience no matter where you are. Build trust, even when onsite meetings are not possible.


Set up conference calls by quickly dragging participants from the communicator app into your conference call, with a simple click, anyone can start a video conference. With calendar integration, schedule conference calls from your calendar app and reserve the virtual conference room at the same time.


Collaborate and engage with real-time screen sharing from your desktop or mobile phone. Share your entire screen or just a specific application or document with team members for greater interactivity when meeting remotely.


Chat and collaborate in real-time with team instant messaging for quick interactions when it’s not convenient to talk. Easily share text messages with team members and stay connected on any device.


See who’s available and who’s busy with a directory listing of all your employees and their current status. Update your status and location and let others know if you’re available, busy or in a meeting.


Share files directly from your desktop or mobile phone. Grab documents and quickly drop them into team chats to give your conversations greater meaning.


Streamline productivity by adding communication capabilities into your essential business applications. The communicator app comes pre-integrated with Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce, and other popular applications. Everything you share in common with colleagues like emails or files from other business applications are at your fingertips during your conversations.


Increase productivity with Microsoft Outlook, with the Outlook integration; all your communication needs are part of your email client. Avoid fragmented conversations, view contact status, initiate chats, VoIP calls and video meetings all from within Microsoft Outlook.

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