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Unlock new business opportunities with a flexible all-in-one business communications platform that unifies business phone systems, video and team messaging all managed in the cloud.

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Unified communications solutions for small business

Improve your competitive position with an innovative unified communications solution that brings together messaging, video, and phone on any device, anywhere in a single experience to help your business work together more effectively.

Unified communications solutions powered by cisco
Dialog360 cloud communications and collaboration partner

Our Technology

Simple, comprehensive hosted UCaaS platform powered by the world’s leader in cloud communication and collaboration technology - CISCO. Call, message, and meet with anyone from any device in a single easy-to-use application. Ideal for organisations of any size with geographically dispersed teams and mobile employees.

Your Partner

Accelerate your business with a trusted UCaaS solutions provider committed to helping your business grow. Our hosted platform brings together all your business communications into one seamless, unified cloud platform. Accelerate business decisions, modernise business, benefit from a cost-effective solution delivered by a trusted partner.

Why D360 for VoIP?


Communicate using your desktop, smartphone or tablet with an all-in-onesolution. Send a chat message, switch to a voice call or share your desktop with a video call - communicate using the most effective channel to get your point across. Stay connected no matter where you are.


Empower teams to work from anywhere. Communicate and collaborate without borders with a single unified cloud platform. Let others know your status, schedule meetings, jump into impromptu calls no matter where you’re working.


Leverage an array of media services to get your message across, including instant messaging, voice and video calls and more. Share your screen or drop documents into team chats to give your conversations greater meaning all within a single unified communication and collaboration platform.


Enrich connections with high-definition voice and video conferences. Publish a single number and be reached anywhere, on your desktop in the office, or outside on your phone. Turn a VoIP call into an enriching face-to-face video call.


Set your online status and let others know when you’re busy, in a meeting or available. From your phone see who else is available before calling them with a directory listing of your employees.


Engage your audience with real-time screen sharing from your desktop or mobile phone. Share your entire screen or just a specific application. Drag documents into the conversation to keep everyone on the right page.


Host your meetings without worrying about third-party conference bridges, setup high-definition video meetings using your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Initiate instant meetings with colleagues, customers, and clients in real-time or use your favourite calendar app to schedule meetings for later.


Be more responsive to your customers with call notifications. Keep track of important calls by getting notified of missed calls and voicemail via SMS or email. Listen back to voice messages from the online portal or directly from your email as an audio file.


Enjoy complete cloud-hosted communication without additional hardware costs. Increase productivity with a single cost-effective solution for voice (VoIP) and video calls. Drive down operational costs and unite your whole company under a single virtual cloud-hosted PBX solution.

How We Help Our Customers

UCaaS solutions for remote working

Remote Working

As businesses move towards a distributed workforce adopting unified communications solutions (UCaaS) is an essential part of increasing remote productivity.

Dialog360’s UCaaS solution brings together VoIP calls, instant messaging and video collaboration under a single platform, giving your employees the freedom to work anywhere without restriction.

Modern employees expect greater flexibility at work, including home working options. Attract the best employees by investing in Dialog360’s UCaaS platform.

UcaaS solutions to grow your business

Growing Business

Communication is at the heart of every business, which means investing in tools that can streamline this is the right strategy. By centralising communication channels, unified communication solutions can improve productivity and improved customer service.

Dialog360’s UCaaS platform provides employees with a range of communication channels and access to customer data to ensure employees have everything they need to deal with customer queries quickly and effectively.

Unified communication to stand out from the crowd

Standing Out From the Competition

In the age of the internet, competition is closer than ever; increased competition has eroded customer loyalty. It is crucial more than ever to have a strategy in place that can help retain customers. At the centre of this strategy, which combines people, processes and technology, should be improved communications.

Dialog360’s unified communications solution provides your workforce with a broad range of communication channels giving your workforce the tools they need to deliver better customer service. And with business app integration your employees have customer data right at their fingertips to offer quicker and more personalised customer conversations.

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