The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many small businesses in a big way. From shifting to remote work to maintaining sales goals, small businesses face many obstacles in 2020 and 2021. However, it is possible to both keep up and get ahead, even during difficult times.

The primary goal of countless businesses in the UK is to increase online sales. Whether you are a small retail business or an e-commerce giant, increasing sales through online channels is necessary. Communication is the crux of sales, able to make or break any opportunity.

The ability to persuade buyers using effective communication strategies and channels is the difference between reaching your sales quota and missing the mark. Now more than ever, it is crucial that estate agents and letting agents in the UK adapt to the changing needs of their customers, employees, and industry.

Unified communication solutions, or UCaaS, can play a crucial role in increasing sales opportunities and hitting your goals year after year. Keep reading to learn the best practices for small property management businesses looking to increase sales opportunities, and how you can implement those best practices with UCaaS.

UCaaS can play a crucial role in increasing sales opportunities and hitting your goals year after year.

Best Practices to Increase Sales Opportunities

While increasing sales opportunities is a major goal for most businesses, it often seems easier said than done. With so many voices competing in the market, small businesses struggle to stand out and attract attention. It is essential to recognize that work now extends far beyond the traditional office.

Meeting customers where they are and pivoting to fulfil their needs will help small businesses stay ahead in their field. COVID-19 pushed many companies out of the office and into their homes. Remote work is widespread, and businesses are serving customers facing their own unique challenges.

It is easy to get lost in the storm of new tools and technology, making it more critical than ever to focus on what matters most. Effective communication is essential to increasing sales opportunities and building strong customer relationships. Whether there is a global pandemic or not, these best practices will help your small business improve communication.

Showcase your full potential

You may not consider your website a communication tool, but it is one of the first interactions potential buyers have with your business. Your full online prescience, including your website and social media, should communicate your offerings, benefits, and mission. Showcasing your products and services by combining compelling text and good imagery can make all the difference.

For estate agents and letting agents, customers now expect more communication than ever. They want to access property tours and showings online, without having to ask for more details. Recorded videos of property tours and virtual showings can start a conversation by displaying your business’s full potential. For retail companies, you can accomplish the same thing by showcasing your goods, including clothes, d├ęcor, supplies, and more.

Stand out from the crowd

Building trust is necessary to increase sales opportunities. You can ensure that your business stands out from the competition by integrating your communication channels with your CRM, keep important customer information and historical records on deck. Referencing past interactions or noting details from previous meetings can go a long way towards building trust and impressing your customers.

Trends in communication are likely to keep shifting as digital technology advances providing even more ways to connect.

Offer excellent customer service

It is not enough to engage with your customers. How you engage with your leads and customers is equally important. For millennials and Gen Z customers, chatbots and instant messaging are increasingly popular forms of communication with businesses. For older generations, a call to customer service or an email may still be the preferred method.

Trends in communication are likely to keep shifting as digital technology advances providing even more ways to connect. Small businesses in the UK must be able to communicate through multiple, integrated channels. From your desk phone to a mobile app, you should be available for your customers anytime and anywhere.

Delight your customers

Your ability to create new sales opportunities relies heavily on how you treat your existing customers. Word of mouth marketing and referral programs can open countless doors for your property management business, but only if you delight your current customers. In addition to offering a variety of communication channels, you should be able to pivot channels as needed in an instant. Answer calls anytime on your phone, access customer data or chats on mobile apps, and provide instant service.

How do you achieve your sales goals?

The best practices listed above all sound great, but how do you implement these strategies? As technology channels expand and communication is real-time, a unified communication solution is a must-have for any property management business. With all of your communication tools under one umbrella, you have better access to and transparency for customer interactions and sales opportunities.

There are many communication solutions on the market, making it difficult to find your business's right fit. A unified communication solution needs to meet your business's needs, both now and in the future.

Benefits of UCaaS Solutions

Communicate from anywhere on any device at any time.

By connecting your communication systems and collaboration tools, you can seamlessly work from anywhere. Instead of working in silos across your organization, everyone can access the tools and systems they need for success. Not only can your entire team stay connected and easily share information, but you can also communicate and collaborate with customers instantly.

Pivot as needed with omnichannel communication.

Communicate with voice, video, chat, screen share, and file share across all devices. All of your communication tools operate on the same secure system, so there is no need to switch continually between programs and apps. You can also switch between communication channels from calling to instant messaging and video to file sharing, to meet your customers’ exact needs.

Go above and beyond with integrated business apps.

Unified communication solutions integrate directly with your CRM and other business apps. Access contextual information to assist with conversations in real-time. Call up data from previous meetings or historical records without interrupting your ongoing communications. With UCaaS, you can delight your customers and build trust to increase your sales opportunities.

Choose the right, unified communication solution for your business.
There are many communication solutions on the market, making it difficult to find your business’s right fit. A unified communication solution needs to meet your estate agent and letting agent needs, both now and in the future. Your solution should accommodate your existing communication and be able to expand as your goals change.

Dialog360 UCaaS and VoIP solutions accommodate your business at every stage. Contact us today to find the right unified communication solution for your business and effectively increase your sales opportunities for 2021.