The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do many things. From how we order groceries and take-out to the way we communicate at work and home, the differences between 2020 and years past are countless. One major change businesses are facing today is communication, with clients and team members.

The property industry is a prime example of the ways COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for change. Estate agents and property letting agents were forced to innovate to retain customers and attract new clients. With COVID-19 guidelines in place, UK property businesses have found new ways to communicate digitally and stay successful with their property business.

IBM polled more than 18,000 adults, the results signal that consumers are preparing themselves for more permanent changes in behavior because of the pandemic and their fears about future outbreaks.

It is now time for property agents to realize that many of the changes brought about by COVID-19 are not temporary. According to a poll by IBM, consumers are prepared for permanent changes in behaviour due to the pandemic. They are planning to alter the way they shop and buy because of fears of future outbreaks.

Businesses must pay attention to the shifting preferences and behaviours of their customers. To respond with agility, letting agents and estate agents must adopt new technology, rethink existing processes, and address the overall culture of the property industry.

It is possible to emerge from the pandemic smarter and stronger than before. However, that will require businesses to implement the right tools and invest in the right digital technology to cater to the new shift in consumer behaviour and be agile to benefit from the opportunities it brings. Keep reading to learn how you can adapt your estate agent or letting agent business to come out of the pandemic stronger.

Digital Viewing Technology

One of the most apparent changes due to COVID-19 is a lack of in-person viewings. The traditional route of estate agents when communicating with customers is blocked. In many places, social distancing guidelines and crowd limitations make it impossible for letting agents to schedule tours, viewings, and open houses for the properties they manage or represent.

Even if restrictions allow in-person viewings, clients may not be willing to tour a property. Fears of getting sick or spreading the virus to loved ones keep many people at home. Consumers are also getting used to doing many things, virtually that they did not do before. From shopping for groceries through an app to buying a car online, consumer behaviour has changed in many ways during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clients appreciate digital viewing technology which enables them to view a home or property from anywhere; digital viewings are more convenient and align with customers schedules.

While digital viewings and virtual tours may be necessary now, they are likely to continue long after the pandemic. Things that were uncomfortable or unusual before have become routine. Clients appreciate that they can view a home or property from anywhere. Digital viewings are more convenient and align with your customers’ schedules. They also make letting or buying a property easier for clients that plan to move a great distance.

Letting agents can highlight a property’s features with a digital viewing. Virtual tours also offer an opportunity for estate agents to weed out uninterested buyers. Clients can quickly determine whether or not a property meets their needs without wasting their time or the property agent’s time.

Property management businesses can use dedicated software to create digital viewings or rely on more generic solutions like WhatsApp. Purchasing virtual tour software provides more control and options for companies. Estate agents can include their contact information or branding in the virtual tour and modify the settings for their viewings. On the other hand, a generic solution may be more affordable and flexible. 

Online Presence Using a Website

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need for property businesses to invest in their online presence. With more customers shopping online and relying on online searches, maintaining a website is essential. Letting agents and property agents can showcase their properties online, expand their reach, and share their contact information.

With more customers shopping online and relying on online searches, maintaining a website is essential for letting agent and estate agent businesses.

A comprehensive website enables clients to book viewings online or contact the property agent directly. Property businesses can better manage their contacts, leads, and viewings by relying on the right software. Creating a simple form on your website can help property management companies collect relevant information from buyers and follow up quickly and efficiently.

In our age of convenience, the ability to book tours online or contact a letting agent is a necessity. If a potential buyer cannot schedule a viewing or find the information they need quickly, they are likely to leave a website and go on to a competitor.

An estate agent or letting agent business’ website is also a great place to showcase properties and attract leads. Virtual tours and digital viewings can be placed on a website to expand the business’ reach. If the content is gated, the company can collect contact information from potential buyers and follow up.

Customers are relying on word of mouth and recommendations throughout the pandemic as well. Because people are limited in where they can go, and whom they can see in person, they may feel more comfortable trusting a referral. A property agent’s website is a great place to highlight customer testimonials and reviews. Agents can also link to review sites for the property industry and build trust among potential customers.

Cloud Communication for Agile Conversations

COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of unified communication solutions. The way businesses communicate and operate has evolved at lightning speed throughout the pandemic, and the changes are likely to keep coming for many years. Instead of relying on temporary fixes, property management companies must invest in integrated communication solutions.

Many businesses implemented temporary remote communication solutions at the start of the pandemic, piecing together communication tools as various needs became apparent. However, as companies face more permanent shifts, it is time to upgrade to a complete solution.

During COVID-19, we have changed the way we communicate. Across the globe, people are working remotely and communicating digitally. Many businesses implemented temporary solutions at the start of the pandemic, piecing together communication tools as various needs became apparent. However, as companies face more permanent shifts, it is time to upgrade to a holistic solution.

More small businesses across the UK are upgrading their communication solutions to include unified communication (UCaaS). Unified communication solutions bring together voice, video, instant messaging and desktop sharing into a single, streamlined, integrated solution giving users access to everything they need to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Integrating every channel of communication enables property management companies to meet the changing needs of their customers. As customer behaviour evolves, letting agents must rise to meet the challenge. There is an expansive range of methods available for customers to contact estate agents and letting agents today. Keeping up with a piecemeal solution leaves agents and customers feeling disjointed and increases the risk of missing opportunities.

Using a cloud unified communication solution enables estate and letting agents to switch between the various channels available to get their message across. With a complete UCaaS solution, property management businesses can maintain file sharing, VoIP, conferencing, and screen sharing no matter where they are, at home or in the office.

When integrated with CRM solutions and business apps, agents can be contacted anywhere on any device in the way that best suits the customer. A fully integrated solution also provides contextual information for each customer, including emails, CRM data, and contact history, right at the user’s fingertips. UcaaS offers more opportunities than ever before for letting agents and estate agents to serve their customers better, make lasting connections, and provide convenient service.


It is time for estate agents to switch to a digital-first approach. The COVID-19 pandemic has pressed fast-forward on the shit to online communication and service. What property management companies predicted for the future is happening faster than previously anticipated. Sales opportunities can come from a wide range of channels, including phone calls, video calls, text messages, WhatsApp communication, and virtual tours.

Only maintaining a fixed telephone line as a point of contact is not enough for most small businesses in the UK today. Customers expect convenience and top-notch service, both in-person and online. Companies must provide a full suite of communication channels, and integrating them in a single solution is the only way to keep up.

VoIP and unified communication solutions provide the integrated communication solution businesses need to stay on top of shifting customer behaviour and needs. UcaaS offers collaborative tools, including video and voice calling, messaging, screen sharing, and conferencing, to meet customers where they are at any time.

Dialog360 VoIP and unified communication solutions deliver HD video and voice calling, messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and conferencing in one cloud application. Dialog360 solutions empower your business to stay in contact with leads, whether at home or in the office and provide rich communication experiences for greater customer experience.

Contact us to learn more about our cloud communication solutions and how they can help your business get ahead of the competition.